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Project Name:      Build.Cash

Project Type:        Adoption

Lead Developer:  Cheap Lightning

Contact:                 [email protected]

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SNS:                        @BuildDotCash


The goal of Build.Cash is to create a directory of Bitcoin Cash projects. The site will allow people to quickly and easily find and research projects that fit the use case they seek. The site will also hopefully act as a hub between developers and potential investors with the option to donate to any given project anonymously.

Recent developments:

August 2020. We have launched our Flipstarter campaign. Anyone interested can pledge at There is a much better run down of the purpose of this site written up on Read.Cash. If you have the time please read it as it lays out what we plan to do here. 

May 2020. Build.Cash is in the process of raising fund for developing a custom back end as well as incorporating as a non-profit entity in Japan. Once initial seed funds are secured incorporation will commence. We have already contacted a law firm here in Japan and gotten an estimate for the cost of incorporation as an NPO. After that the site will have a complete overhaul and the listing of projects will begin. We have already contacted a well known BCH developer to do the back end work. It is our intention to adapt the FLIPSTARTER platform if possible.  We are currently in talks with the team there to see how feasible that is.  

Please feel free to donate to this project using the QR code bellow or to Bitcoin Cash address: qzckpuqaku2qlrk2euqj6jwgtv87h02a0c0sasf5js


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