What is Build.Cash?

Many Crypto projects benefit from having a some kind of central command and control. How and where they got their initial funding, be it an ICO or premine, is not important. They managed to amass a war-chest of funds that they can now dedicate to making their network better.

Bitcoin Cash is one of the few truly decentralized crypto projects in the world. While this is great for censorship resistance, it also means there is a bit of a funding problem. It also means that there is a huge information and co-ordination black hole.

First and foremost Build.Cash aims to be an information resource. An encyclopedia of projects and people building new cash for the world.

Very often we hear about a project on twitter or reddit etc. and despite the curiosity we may feel, tracking down information or the person working on the project itself can be a significant time loss. We hope to remedy this problem by not only listing every possible project we can find, but also keeping in regular contact with the person/people in charge to get updates on those projects.


  • Increase communication and sharing of information across the space.
  • Help projects find funding.
  • Help projects find team members and talent.
  • Continued regular communication/updates with/from project leads.

We hope that by making information easier to find overall productivity and usefulness will increase in the Bitcoin Cash community.

We also hope that by showing the value of a project and providing a clear explanation of its utility we can inspire people to donate to projects and help them get the funding that people may not even be aware that they need. Many of us have businesses that could benefit from having things built on Bitcoin Cash that increase our own productivity and profitability.

Who are we?