Build.Cash is a one stop shop for all your Bitcoin Cash project information needs. We aim to be the go to source of information about projects, developers and news about what is being built on the Bitcoin Cash network. Please see the ABOUT page for more information about who we are and what we aim to do.
Most likely! While we strive to be inclusive of projects, resource limitations force us to limit our scope to projects that are Bitcoin Cash focused. For example a game based on SLP tokens would be included before a game that accepts payments for in game items with Bitcoin Cash.
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No. While Build.Cash aims to help people and projects get funded, we do not fund any projects ourselves. At the moment you are able to submit your own BCH address to be included on your profile if you so choose. However there is no way of knowing if anyone will decide to donate.
If you are reading this now then that means someone has donated time or money to make this site happen. At the moment we are donation based and will be incorporating as an NPO in Japan. Eventually if we can get this site to be popular and useful enough we will have advertisements. In the case of projects that make use of referral links. We will be linking to their main site using our own unique referral link.
Build.Cash is 100% non-custodial and we never touch your funds. Funds donated to the address you submit for donations goes directly to you. The Bitcoin Cash address and QR code you provide to this site are your responsibility.
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